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Online Support Groups

  We have a couple ways you can receive prayer and support online.  You can join our private Facebook groupOnce you request to join the Facebook group you will need to agree to the rules in group. You can also email your prayer requests to hohprayforme@gmail.com and a member of our prayer team will pray with you. You can join our email support group also.  To join that group fill out the form below and one of our leaders will review your request within 24 hours.

FB & Email Support Group Rules & Guidelines

1. Group Privacy Issues: Our goal is to provide a comfortable place for women to share.

We will try to focus less on ours and/or our spouse's or significant other's shortcomings, and more on what God wants US to be. However, our spouse's or significant other's weaknesses will come up from time to time as we deal with the issues that divide our homes.

There is the potential that a husband or someone else could read e mail in a joint account. If this is a concern, we recommend that you go to Gmail and secure an email address for use in the group. Email can then be read and responded to from the web. You should be aware that anyone else, including husbands, can join the group under an assumed name and read group messages.

2. Confidential Information Issues: Personal information shared by members of this group is not to be shared outside the group under any circumstances.

We deal with sensitive issues here. Some of the ladies may not want others to know they are members of this group. Please respect everyone's privacy and do not divulge the names of group members outside of the group.

From time to time we may create group material as we work together to develop a list of resources for common needs. The completed material will be edited in such a way as to minister to many people, and may be placed on the Hope in a House Divided website. At no time will we include names, locations, or any other information that could betray the confidence of situations or individuals. The purpose of such material would be to provide a resource to which we can refer.

3. Women Only Issues: Our email group is limited to women only.

We recognize that many men face the same situations, and may have some of the same needs, that we face. We realize that input from men could be beneficial to us, and vice versa. However, we are also very aware that their roles, and their struggles, are very different from ours. We feel that limiting our group to women only will provide a more comfortable atmosphere for discussing our needs.

Members should be aware that, since anyone can join the group under a fictitious name, there is no way to absolutely guarantee that there are no men in the group.

4. Conduct and Courtesy Issues: Members are to conduct themselves with courtesy and respect toward each other.

At no time will rudeness or unkindness toward another individual be tolerated. Anyone displaying such behavior will be removed from the group.

Please do not write in all caps. This is sometimes considered “screaming” when used in internet communications. Please reply in plain text only. Some email programs have difficulty downloading anything else.

Please remember to delete all but the last letter to which you are replying. In some countries, internet service is paid for by the minute. We can keep costs down for our members in these countries by deleting unnecessary posts and using only plain text.

5. Group Theme and Mass Mailings/Copyright Use: The theme of our group is House Of Hope Undivided. We seek to emphasize the Biblical principles that will help us to be the women God would have us to be despite physical, emotional, or spiritual division in our homes.

Poems or short readings in keeping with this theme will be permitted. We ask that members not message chain letters, mass mailings, or items not related to the theme of our group. No political mailings of any kind will be permitted.

We ask that our members consider very carefully sharing anything with the group that is copyrighted. Quotes from books or any other copyrighted source must be brief, and full credit to the author/publisher must be given.

6. Prayer Requests: You may send prayer requests for personal needs, and for your immediate family.

7. Doctrinal Issues: Any instruction or teaching, including devotionals, should be submitted only by designated group leaders all of whom have agreed to abide by our Statement of Faith.

We discourage doctrinal discussions as such, except as it relates to our topic of House Of Hope Undivided.

However, if someone has a genuine question about how to know Christ, we will always take time to share Christ openly.

Without Christ, there is no hope. Any attempts to lead others to Christ must be consistent with our Statement of Faith.

8. Group Structure: Our group operates as a main discussion group and a leadership team The leadership team moderates and attends to administrative matters, they also support the main group through prayer and new member help.

The role of our leadership team is vital to the overall operation of our group. The team consists of individuals whom take on various roles which aid in determining and implementing group policy, moderating posts and dealing with administrative matters as they arise.

It is our policy to moderate all new members for a time. This means that all posts from new members must be read and approved by a leadership team moderator before being posted to the group.

It is our prayer that each new member of our group will find in Christ Jesus, the only true hope for a divided home.

In His Service,
House of Hope Leadership Team

Denise, Rebecca, Maranda & Edie

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